I’m Raunaq, I like to talk about technology, programming, food, sports, photography (and some other things).

I currently live in Bengaluru and work as Associate Principal ML Engineer at Revionics.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of stuff I’ve done over the years, each condensed to a single sentence:

  • [2023] Working with Kubernetes and large scale ML Deployments at Revionics
  • [2022] Briefly worked as a Contractor with OpenAI on GPT 3
  • [2022] Worked as an ML Engineer in the Core Team at Turing.com
  • [2022] Worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Clickpost
  • [2022] Consulted with over 100+ Clients on Codementor.io helping them with a variety of technical challenges.
  • [2021] Built MVPs and full-fledged webapps for clients and small-startups across Switzerland, South Africa and USA.
  • [2020] Co-Authored the book - Amazon Sumerian by Tutorials
  • [2019] Became a Scaler Academy Alumni
  • [2018] Build Computer Vision products at Veda Labs
  • [2017] Interned as a Data Scientist at Anheuser-Busch
  • [2016] Won a couple of Hackathons
  • [2015] Interned as a Game Developer at Smartivity

When I’m not working, I like to git the gym / play outdoor sports, travel or read.

I like to dabble with a lot of technologies, and have extensive experience working with Webapps, DevOps/Cloud, Mobile apps, and Machine Learning. Having said that, I’m always trying to challenge myself by learning new things, but at its core, I love solving problems.

If there’s a technical problem you’re facing or you’d like to collaborate on building a product MVP, send me a DM on Twitter @raunaqness or reach out to me via email.